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From: $14.40

Angelica Fountain of Glow is another anti-ageing facial service in Kolkata at Anaya Spa by L’OCCITANE, which can hydrate and refresh the skin. Retaining skin’s natural beauty, this facial delivers ideal moisturization and comes blended with two organic angelica extracts namely water and essential oil.

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Anaya Spa by L’OCCITANE is the best facial spa in Kolkata and offers a choice of four hydrating facials. Immortelle Secret to Brightness, named after the eternal flower Immortelle has organic essential oil, which is rich in active molecules with exclusive anti-ageing properties. In this facial, Immortelle is blended with a formula enriched with Vitamin C derivative and Bellis Perennis. This high-precision treatment combats the effects of time and Sun exposure to reveal a bright, luminous complexion.


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